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He graduated from Karadeniz Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, Department of Architecture (2000). With his thesis titled “Form, Function, Structure and Meaning Analysis in Turgut Cansever Projects in the Context of Architectural Autonomy and Civilization Self-Comprehension Concepts” (2005), which he completed at the Institute of Science of the same university, he became a master architect and  he received his doctorate degree (2009) with his thesis titled ” Architect Mehmed Ağa and His World: An Experiment to Make Sense of 16th and 17th Century Ottoman Mentality Patterns and Architecture Through Risâle-i Mi‘mâriyye”.

He worked as a research assistant at Karadeniz Technical University (2001-2009), as a faculty member at Mardin Artuklu University (2009-2015), Fatih Sultan Mehmet Foundation University (2015-2018) and Istanbul Şehir University (2018-2020). He carried out the establishment studies of the Architecture Faculties of Mardin Artuklu and Istanbul Şehir Universities, and held various administrative positions. He is still working at Samsun University, Faculty of Architecture and Design, Department of Architecture.

Understanding and Construction: The Two Planes of Turgut Cansever Architecture (Classical: Istanbul 2009, 2019), Trabzon City Heritage: Place-Building-Memory (with D. İ. Tuluk, Classic: Istanbul 2010, Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality: Trabzon 2021), Ümraniye During the period of Republic: Urbanization, Society, Economy and Management II (with Y. Uğur et al., Ümraniye Municipality: Istanbul 2019), Trabzon Urban Cultural Heritage Inventory (with H. Özen et al., Trabzon Governorship: Trabzon 2010) ) are his main books. In addition, he was the editor of the Horizon City: In the Footsteps of Turgut Cansever (Classic: Istanbul 2016) and An Architectural Experience: Neighborhood in Trabzon and Sarayevo / Jedan Graditelski Pokusaj: Mahale u Trabzonu i Sarajevu (Nuans: Istanbul 2007) from the Ancient Age to the XXI. The 8th volume of the work titled “Architecture” (İSAM – İBB Kültür AŞ.: İstanbul 2015), the special issue of “Turkish Architecture History” of the Turkish Studies Literature Review (7/13, 2009/1), and the special issue of “Turgut Cansever” (p. 12, December 2018 – March 2019, together with A. Arlı).

He continues his academic studies in subjects and areas such as architectural historiography, architecture in Islamic geography, and Ottoman architecture in the 16-17. Centuries, Architectural theories and practices in the 20th-21st centuries, Turgut Cansever, “horizon city”, city history of Trabzon, Mardin and Istanbul.


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