Construction and Legitimation: The Historical Composition of the Turkish National Anthem

April 21, 2020, Wednesday

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the writing and official acceptance of the Turkish National Anthem, we, as the Department of Turkish Language and Literature at Samsun University, are discussing it with a symposium titled “Construction and Legitimation: The Historical Composition of the National Anthem” on Wednesday, April 21, 2021. The symposium program, which will be held on Zoom, will begin with the opening speech of the Rector of Samsun University Prof. Dr. Mahmut Aydın and will continue with three different panels.

The symposium will primarily include a comprehensive analysis of the historical, political, and social contexts of the period in which the “Turkish National Anthem” was written. Besides being written in a specific historical context, its power to transform the meaning of the context in which it emerged will be discussed and the focus will be on how he reconstructs deep-rooted concepts such as independence, right, faith, homeland, and religion in the context of the “determination to become a nation”. Secondly, it is aimed to analyze the Turkish National Anthem with the anthems of other nations in a comparative plane. Finally, paying attention to the literary, historical, and sociological nature of the anthem genre, It is desired to examine the legitimating power of a nation’s struggle on the linguistic level.

Supported by Samsun University Art and Thought Application and Research Center, the program is free and open to everyone, no reservation is required for participation. Panels can also be watched live on YouTube.

Click for YouTube live broadcast.

The program is free and open to everyone, no reservation is required. It is supported by the Samsun University Centre of Art and Thought.

For more information: [email protected]


The Opening Speech, 10:00-10:20 (ZoomYouTube)

• Mahmut Aydın: What Does the Turkish National Anthem Tell Us?

1th Panel, 10:30-12:00 (ZoomYouTube)

Moderator: Mahmut Aydın

• Funda Güven Derin: Nationalism of Mehmet Akif

• Abdullah Azmi Bilgin: Evaluation of the National Anthem in the Context of the Writing Process

• Vahdettin Işık: Reading the Turkish National Anthem as an Independence Manifesto and a Memorandum of Understanding

12:00-13:00 Lunch Break

2nd Panel, 13:00-14:30 (ZoomYouTube)

Moderator: Erol Köroğlu

• Günil Özlem Ayaydın Cebe: Two Nation-States, Two Constructions: La Marseillaise and the National Anthem

• Atiye Gülfer Gündoğdu: The Writer and the Addressee Problem in the Turkish National Anthem in the Context of I-You Relationship

• Alptuğ Güney: The National Anthem Issue in the International Protocol and Analysis of the Historical Process Leading to the Adoption of the Turkish National Anthem from a Political-Cultural Perspective

• Vefa Can Kaya: Analysis of the National Anthem Debates in a Comparative Historical Perspective in Turkey and Germany

14:30-15:00 Break

3rd Panel, 15:00-16:30 (ZoomYouTube)

Moderator: Günil Özlem Ayaydın Cebe

• Erol Köroğlu: Mehmet Akif as a National Movement Actor and the Turkish National Anthem: A Reading Attempt Through Miroslav Hroch’s Approach to Nation Formation

• Büşra Nur Topal: Singing Anthem as a National Commitment Ritual: A Socio-Psychological Analysis of Getting Together

• Mustafa Uğur Karadeniz: From Fear of Extinction to Independence: The Place of the National Anthem in Akif’s Understanding of Poetry

• Servet Gündoğdu: The Magical Manifestation of the Historical and Literary Moment in the Turkish National Anthem

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