Africa Initiative by Samsun University

 Africa Initiative by Samsun University

In recent years, while agreements having been made between Turkey and Africa in the areas such as politics, commerce, economy, culture, safety, and health; by Samsun University (SAMU), many agreements and protocols having been signed in the education sector.

Within this scope, between Samsun University and  Niamey University that is the biggest university in Niger which has the largest land in West Africa, and %44 of its population consists of individuals between the ages of ‘0-25’, a cooperation protocol has been signed.

General Secretary of Samsun University Assoc. Prof. Dr. Salih KESGİN mentions that “Every passing day, Turkey is coming to the forefront in the preferences for higher education for African students. In the year 2015, the number of students who come from African countries and registered to any higher education institution in Turkey was  6958; in 2016 this registered student number was 8738; in 2017 this number was 9882, and in 2018 this number was announced as 11378. At this point, as Samsun University, with the aim of contributing to the future of our Nigerian fellows and by centering the opportunities of our city and university, we signed a cooperation protocol.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Salih Kesgin stated that “The cooperation protocol that has been signed with Niamey University with the coordination of Republic of Turkey, Niger Ambassador Mustafa TürkerArı and the Ambassador Prof. Dr. Ahmet KAVAS, is a representative of our actions that follow the lead of our ancestors who had taken actions with the motto of ‘our flag of sun and sky’ and who had brought serenity and peace on the geography that they take part in.’’ He also pointed out that the matriculation of the students which will take place in the frame of this protocol signed between Samsun University and Niamey University will make a vital contribution to the development and strengthening of Turkey-Niger relationships.



15 Aralık 2019
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